Archives department of

Tarashcha State district administration of

Kyiv regiond



In the State Department, 1 person.

Yemets Tatiana


Head of the Department of Archives Tarashcha District Governor, appointed by the Head of the Tarashcha district administration on 10 September 2010.

She graduated in 1999 "Bilotserkivskiy National Agrarian University"

The functions of the chief of the department include management of personal responsibility for the performance of their department objectives, the issuance of orders, within its competence, organization and monitoring their performance, conduct work to ensure the preservation of state records and documents, repair documents, binding and filing, check availability and state documents, delivery of documents to the users reading room, carrying out work on the description of document processing and improvement descriptions, cataloging, perform thematic queries and requests socio-legal, paperwork is on file.