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History of Archive

Фото архіву відсутнє

In Tarascha regional state archives (the modern name of the archival department Tarashcha district administration) documents the pre-war period were destroyed during the occupation of the area by German fascist invaders.

    January 5, 1944 Tarascha city was liberated by the Red Army of occupation and in February of that year archive resumed.

   By 1 January 1959 the district was subjected to archive the Ministry of Interior, and the region - Chief of police.

   In 1964, the regional state archives was subordinate to the executive committee Tarashcha District Council of People's Deputies, Kyiv Oblast USSR.

  In 1992, the formation Tarashcha District Governor (hereinafter - the district administration) District State Archives became subordinate to district administration and renamed the Archives Department. In 1994, the Archives Department becomes archival Tarashcha Department of the District Council, and since 1996 - Archives Department Tarashcha district administration accountable and controlled by the head of district administration and the State Archive of Kiev Oblast.

   In 1997, the Archives Department is housed in a completely suitable for document storage room on the ground floor of two-storey buildings in the city center, occupies three rooms, of which 1 working room and 2 storage. Archives area is 77.8 square meters. meters placed in storage racks with a total length of 600 linear meters. Office space in one archive department, area of ​​18 square meters. m, it also is both a reading room for visitors.At the state stored in the archive department document National Archival Fund of the total number of items of the postwar period - 17 882 units. Sb., including 490 units. Collected. - The period of independence.

   At present in the archive department has 170 funds, including: funds independence period - 6.

  Klkist institutions - Sources of recruitment - 43, including: state - 41 collective - 1, private ownership - 1.

  In the archive department operates an advisory body - the expert committee, which is formed by order of the district administration on August 2, 2013 225.

  Archival department is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the orders of the State Archival Service of Ukraine, orders the heads of regional and district administrations, the orders of the Director of the State Archive of the Kiev region, as well as the Regulation on Archives Department Administration Tarashcha rayderzh .

   In 1944 he was appointed head of the archives Pelehatyy Mikhail.

    In 1955, he has been head of the archive is intended Karpov FS

   From 1957 to 1969 headed the archive Filonenko Helen A..

    At the end of 1969 in the archive have been deposited 17 387 cases included 197 funds.

  In 1969 the Head of the Archives was designed Claus Antonina Fedorovna, who worked at this job for 17 years.

  Since 1986, has been head of archives became Osadcha Lyudmila who worked in that position until September 2010.

   In November 2010, the post of Chief of the Department of Archives was designed Yemets Tatiana.
From 01.11.2011, the head of the Department of Archives worked Stepchenko Lyudmila.

  Since July 19, 2013 Archives Department Tarashcha district administration managed Agapov Ella G..


  The main functions of the department are:

- Drawing up and approval of the State Archive of the area and filing for approval in the prescribed manner of projects of public purpose programs, approval of plans for the development of archives in the area to ensure their implementation;

- Storing, recording and protection of documents of the National Archival Fund, transmitting the Department of public authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of ownership and civic associations that act (act) in the district, the personal documents of origin, documentary photographs and audiovisual material relevant to the study of the history of the area, printed, illustrated, and other materials used for reference and informational activities, records and catalogs of them;
Carrying out the established order of registration, survey and analysis of archival institutions that have been established in the district, regardless of ownership and subordination;

- Informing the public archives of Kiev region detection of archival documents with the owner or the owner is unknown, as well as the sale documents of the National Archival Fund to implement pre-emptive right of the state to purchase them;

- Submission of district state administration proposals on the composition of public authorities, businesses, organizations, institutions and district documents which come into public life;

- Examination of archival work units and record keeping services to government agencies, enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of ownership for the purpose of monitoring compliance with the terms of archival records storage, storage requirements, procedures for accounting and access to them, providing the departments and services methodological assistance in organizing records and storing documents;- Providing advisory and methodological assistance in the organization of archival institutions for centralized interim storage of archival documents accumulated during the documentation of service, employment or other legal entities and individuals in the respective territory of the district and other archival documents that do not belong to the National Archival Fund (labor archives)- Maintenance of consolidated accounting archival documents held in government agencies, enterprises, institutions and organizations of the region, the submission of adequate information on these documents the National Archives of the Kiev region;

- Providing services on a contract basis to enterprises, institutions and organizations to streamline document and use the data contained in them, developing teaching aids for Archives and Records Management;

- Transfer of the National Archives by the Kyiv region in terms of documents and catalogs of them for permanent storage;

- The creation and improvement of references to documents of the National Archival Fund;
Issuing archival information, copies of documents and other means satisfaction of individuals and businesses;

- Study, synthesis and dissemination of experience of archival institutions;

- Other functions arising from the assigned department objectives.

  Archives department work uses scientific and reference literature: a guide to records management, Ukrainian-Russian dictionary, a collection of scientific journals "Archives of Ukraine" and others.

Archival department Tarashcha District Administration is an independent department Tarashcha district administration, district administration formed head, accountable and controlled by the head of district administration and the State Archive of the Kiev region, State Archival Service of Ukraine from 10.28.2013, the legal entities SSRBOI code 00731637.

June 10, 1986 by the Head of the Tarashcha district administration as Chief archival department was appointed Osadcha Lyudmila. In 2010 Osadcha Lyudmila was released in connection "connection with the retirement age. Then as Chief archival department was appointed Yemets Tatiana.

In connection "connection with maternity leave, which was Yemets Tatiana, November 1, 2011 by the Head of district administration Tarashcha number 518 to the position of Chief of the Department of Archives was appointed Stepchenko Lyudmila, who worked until 28 February 2013, then was released in BC" connection with entering pensiyu.Zamist Lyudmila on maternity leave for child care, which was Yemets Tatiana, by the Head of the District administration Tarashcha number 39-K on 07/19/2013 was appointed Agapov Ella G.. Agapov Ella G. worked as Head of Archives Department by March 31, 2014.

April 1, 2014 on maternity leave for child care went Tatiana Yemets.

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