Archives department of

Tarashcha State district administration of

Kyiv regiond


Stepchenko Lyudmila was born in 20.01.1958roku s.Luk "Yanovka Tarashchansky district, Kyiv region in seven" her servant Father Tereshchenko GP 1928 birth. Have Tereshchenko LM 1936 of birth. In 1965 he went to study in the Bow "Yaniv eight-year school. Lisovytskiy studied in school because of family circumstances, the seven" I moved permanently to s.Lisovychi. She worked as a bookkeeper for the Department Luchanskomu raw sugar factory in 1975. Then in 1976, she studied at the school store at Tarashchansky rayspozhyvspiltsi After graduation went to work on the food composition vidborschykom goods. In 1977 he entered the Kiev Trade and Economic Institute, who finished the job 1982. 22 years worked in the system of consumer cooperatives economist for the study of demand, commodity, Manager, zavtorhom consumer society. 27 November 1998year was appointed the first category management economy Tarashcha RSA. Then, November 1, 2011 Order of the District Governor holovyTaraschanskoyi number 518 Lyudmila was appointed Chief Tarashchansky Archives Department, according to the current list, freeing from the position of chief specialist of the economy, a vacation for child care worker core. By the Head of the District Administration Tarashcha number 10-K of the year 28.02.2013 dismissed as head of department in the archive called "connection with access to preferential retired civil servant. Currently przhyvaye in Tarascha.